Convinced the Jury to Find Me Not Guilty

A neighborhood drug dealer that was high on drugs threatened my family. I had to shoot him while he was in my front yard. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office charged me with murder, but Phillip convinced the Jury to find me not guilty because of self-defense.

-Melvin R.

Gave Our Daughter a Second Chance

While in college, our daughter developed a serious drug problem. She was eventually charged with two drug delivery offenses in Collin County and was looking at possibly going to prison for several years. Phillip convinced the Judge to give her a second chance

-The Johnsons

Got My Case Dismissed

My ex-wife convinced the Plano Police Department to arrest me and falsely charge me with a DWI so she could get the upper hand in our child custody battle. Phillip convinced the District Attorney in Collin County to dismiss the case.

-Tray B.

Took Care of My Situation

Phillip’s experience and connections as a former Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County were imperative in helping me work through a false accusation from my ex-wife which threatened my medical license and career as a surgeon in a major Dallas hospital. Phillip took care of the situation and I was cleared of all charges.

-Dr. Johnson

Jury Found Me Not Guilty

A DWI threatened my pilot’s license and career as a commercial pilot. Because of Phillips’ aggressive defense, the jury found me not guilty of the charges.

-Alan P.

His Diligence Got My Charge Dismissed

I was falsely accused of Capital Murder and held in jail for over a year. Phillips’ diligence eventually convinced the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office to dismiss the charge.

-Brian M.

His Experience Was Instrumental

Phillip’s experience as a former prosecutor was very instrumental in getting me cleared of a false accusation in which I was falsely accused of being involved in a large federal drug conspiracy because of my relationship with some other people. Phillip took charge of my case right upfront and convinced a Federal Grand Jury to no bill [dismiss] my case.

-Evelyn B.

Saved My Career

I am in the military and have Top Security Clearance in Washington DC. I was arrested in Dallas and falsely charged with a DWI. Had I been convicted of the DWI, I would have lost my clearance and my job. Phillip convinced the Jury to find me not guilty and saved my career.

-Mike M.

His Investigation Revealed the Actual Perpetrator

I was falsely accused of inappropriately touching a young girl. A local police department tried to get me to confess to something I did not do. Phillip got me released from jail and after his lengthy investigation-which revealed the actual perpetrator, convinced the Dallas District Attorney’s office to dismiss the case against me.

-Keith J.

I Was Falsely Accused

I was falsely accused by an ex-girlfriend of having inappropriate relations with her young daughter. Phillip took my case to a jury trial and convinced a Denton County jury to find me not guilty.

-Jordan P.

He Got My Case Sorted Out

I was involved in a road rage incident in which the other guy was the aggressor and pulled a gun on me. He however called the police 1st and I was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Phillip worked with the District Attorney’s office to have the case sorted out and have my case dismissed. The actual aggressor was then charged with the offense.

-J. McDonald

Gathered the Necessary Evidence

I was mistakenly ID’d in an Aggravated Robbery case at a restaurant in McKinney, Texas. The Collin County District Attorney would not dismiss my case. Phillip set the case for trial and gathered the evidence necessary for the Court to find me not guilty.

-Michael A.

Diligent & Knowledgeable

I was a former executive at a large national health care institution based in Dallas. Myself and several others were fired and accused of corporate fraud and embezzlement. Phillips’ diligence and knowledge of corporate finance and accounting convinced the various State and Federal law enforcement agencies involved to not file any cases against me.

-Rick P.

Aggressively Represented Me

As an executive in a new start-up company, I was falsely charged with securities fraud and had my assets frozen by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Phillip aggressively represented me and had my charges dismissed. His knowledge of finance and accounting and experience as a former prosecutor were absolutely imperative.

-Chris M.

He Saved My Job, Assets, and Children

As a local bank officer, my now ex-wife had an affair on me and then tried to take our twins and ruin my career. Phillip was able to sort through all of her lies and put the evidence together to save my job, assets, and children.

-Mike L.

Salvaged My Property Interests

As a corporate executive with a national corporation, my wife filed for divorce and tried to take our two kids from me. Unbeknownst to me, she had earlier used one of her lawyer friends to forge some real estate documents to fraudulently convey some of our real property assets to her. After sorting through mountains of documents, Phillip found the forged documents and salvaged my property interests.

-Rod T.

His Knowledge Was Invaluable

As the owner of a governmental services company, which employs hundreds of people statewide, I received a target letter from a law enforcement agency regarding potentially fraudulent healthcare claims filed by some of my employees. Phillip interceded on our companies behalf and sorted through all of the records with the agency to get to the bottom of the situation. Phillip’s knowledge of finance and accounting were invaluable.

-Harold J.