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Hallucinogens, including LSD and magic mushrooms, are classified as Penalty Group 1A by Texas state law. As a result, being arrested with any type of hallucinogen can lead to severe legal penalties, including hefty fines and a lengthy jail sentence.

Explore our guide to learn more about the sentencing laws for possession of hallucinogens and how our experienced drug defense lawyer can help you protect your future.

Possession Laws For LSD & Other Hallucinogens

Legal penalties for hallucinogens are among the strictest when it comes to drug possession. The severity of your sentence can vary depending on whether it’s your first offense, in addition to the amount you’re arrested with. Possession is a less serious charge than manufacturing or distribution, but it can still result in life-altering consequences.

Even if you’re arrested with a minimal amount of LSD, it’s considered a state felony. You may be fined up to $10,000 and spend at least 180 days in jail. The penalties get steeper as the amount of the drug you’re arrested with increases. In the worst-case scenario, you can actually receive a life sentence for possession of hallucinogens.

That’s why it’s crucial to work with an experienced defense attorney who will protect your legal rights and ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for your case.

How to Beat a Hallucinogens Possession Charge

Getting arrested with LSD or a similar hallucinogen is a frightening experience. However, it’s essential not to panic in these situations. Often, there are circumstances relating to drug arrests that will invalidate your case. These can include a police officer stopping and searching your vehicle without just cause, or obtaining the evidence in an otherwise illegal fashion.

Thankfully, our Dallas attorney Phillip Linder is a criminal defense expert who knows all the best strategies to win your case. With over 25 years of experience in Texas law, he can provide the reliable and trustworthy counsel you need. He even spent 4 years as a prosecutor, so he can anticipate the opposing argument and knows exactly how to respond.

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