Here at The Linder Firm, we want to ensure that everyone is updated with how the Northern District of Texas County Jails are handling COVID-19. Below we’ve gathered information regarding six County Jails, including Kaufman, Mansfield, Seagoville FDC, Johnson County Detention Center, Fannin, and Dallas.

Throughout these times, we encourage everyone to take the recommended precautions and remain safe and healthy. If you’d like to learn more about how each County Jail is handling COVID-19, take a look below.

1. Kaufman County Jail

At Kaufman County Jail, no family visits are allowed and Attorney visits are still permitted. The jail is representing that booths are wiped down after each attorney visit.

The facility is not equipped to allow for attorney calls.

Kaufman Point of Contact: Lori Compton, Jail Administrator for the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office, Phone: (972) 932-9721; email:

2. Mansfield County Jail

Here at Mansfield County jail, there are also no family visits allowed, but attorney visits are permitted with no contact with the client. Each visit is done in plexiglass phone booths, and calls are not recorded and are not monitored.

Attorney calls must be pre-arranged and are subject to an officer if they’re available.

Mansfield Point of Contact: Officers Jobe, Duarte, or Zacek. Phone: (817) 804-5736 or (817)

3. Seagoville FDC

At Seagoville FDS, there are also no family visits allowed and attorney visits must receive advance permission from the Warden.

Attorneys can call the facility and they will not be recorded, but they must be pre-arranged through the case manager – Nicole Hooper. Desk number (972) 287-3532 or (972) 287-2911. Personal number: (972) 287-3502. You can also email her at

Seagoville Point of Contact: Nicole Hooper, Jail Unit Case Manager; (972)

4. Johnson County Det. Ctr.

As an attorney, if you wish to have a phone conference, you need to email In your email, request the day and time that you wish to speak to your client and if the time slot is available, they will bring your client to a telephone in booking. The phones in booking are not recorded but your client will have to stand at the booking counter where an officer is watching to make sure the inmate is not using the phone to make calls to someone other than their attorney. The telephone number for the booking desk is (817) 556-6001.

Johnson’s Point of Contact: Captain Jennifer Hobbs; (817) 202-4000, ext. 3657;

5. Fannin County Jail

At Fannin County Jail, family visits are not allowed and they would prefer that attorneys do not visit in person but if they do, it will be in the non-contact rooms separated by plexiglass.

Attorneys can call and they must be pre-arranged by calling the facility in advance. The client will call you directly, and the call will be recorded. If you don’t want the call to be recorded, they can be taken to booking where it is with the understanding that it will be a short telephone call of not more than a few minutes. When a client calls you in the POD, it is at his expense or the client has to call you collect.

Warden is working on getting video conferencing set up for Attorneys.

Fannin Point of Contact: Lindsay Simmons, Administrative Assistant or Front Desk Personnel; (903) 640-4171; Warden Stacy King for larger issues.

6. Dallas County Jail

Inmate video visitation includes 5 free video visits per week/per inmate for “Family & Friends”. Please note that “Attorney” visits are not included in this agreement, nor is there any discount or coupon program in place.

If you are an Attorney calling, please make sure you register as an “Attorney” so you’re not charged. Dallas County only allows so many free video conferences per week.