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Marijuana is often thought of as less serious than other drugs and many states have either legalized it or allow it to be purchased for medical use. However, marijuana is still illegal in the state of Texas and getting charged with possession can lead to major legal consequences.

Explore our guide to learn more about sentencing laws in Texas and how our experienced marijuana lawyer can help you avoid a conviction.

Marijuana Possession Laws

Although marijuana is legal to varying degrees in several states, possession of the drug still carries harsh penalties in Texas. There are no systems for medical or recreational marijuana in Texas, so it’s illegal to have it on you in any capacity.

The severity of your punishment will vary depending on the amount you’re arrested with. Our helpful list below breaks down the three main categories of marijuana possession in Texas and likely sentencing guidelines for each one:

  • Under 2 Ounces — This is the least severe category of marijuana possession. You’ll likely receive a fine of $4,000, and you may also spend up to 180 days in jail or lose your driver’s license for 6 months.

  • 2 to 4 Ounces — Possession of marijuana in the amount of 2 ounces or more is considered a Class A misdemeanor in Texas. You’ll likely be fined $4,000 and spend up to a year in prison.

  • Over 4 Ounces — If you’re arrested with 4 or more ounces of marijuana in Texas, you’ll be charged with a felony. The minimum prison sentence for this crime is 2 years and can range up to 10. You may also be fined up to $50,000.

How to Beat a Possession of Marijuana Charge

If you’ve been arrested for marijuana possession, don’t panic. In many cases, there are circumstances relating to your arrest that may invalidate your charges. For example, if the cops searched you without a clear reason or violated your rights in any other way, the case can be dismissed.

Rest assured, our experienced marijuana attorney knows all the right legal strategies to defend you and ensure your rights are protected. He’ll establish if the cops had probable cause to stop you if you were driving, as well as if the police had a valid search warrant and other factors. With support from our firm, he’ll work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

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