Will ‘celebrity Justice’ Be Served in Justin Bieber’s Dui Case?

Justin Bieber will reportedly return to Miami Beach on March 3. No, he doesn’t have a concert or celebrity club appearance scheduled (as far as we know). Instead, he is scheduled to stand trial on the DUI charge filed against him after his January 23 arrest. Bieber is accused of driving under the influence after he was stopped by police during an alleged drag race.

While later toxicology reports revealed that he had a negligible amount of alcohol in his system (.014), authorities also indicated that he had marijuana and prescription drugs in his system that could have impaired his ability to drive. Bieber has reportedly pled not guilty to all charges, which also include resisting arrest and driving without a valid license.

Much is said about celebrity justice and how the rich and famous do not receive the same punishments that everyday people receive when charged with crimes. However, it is very likely that Bieber will reach a plea deal with prosecutors that will enable him to avoid jail time (and possibly a criminal conviction). As a matter of fact, plea deals are fairly common in criminal cases; so much so that the criminal justice system depends on them.

Given his criminal history, it would not be surprising if some deal were reached where Bieber promises to participate in some type of drug and alcohol diversion program, pay all applicable fines and complete probation in exchange for the prosecution’s promise to drop the charges. While this may seem like celebrity justice, it is an example of what a plea deal can be.

Source: NYDailyNews.com “Justin Bieber set to begin Florida train in March for DUI arrest, other charges,” AP, Feb. 4, 2014

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