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The Linder Firm July 23, 2021

As a result of its proximity to the Mexican border, a lot of drugs are trafficked through the state of Texas. Texas also has some of the strictest drug laws in the United States, leading to a high amount of arrests for trafficking.

Learn about which drugs are trafficked the most in Texas and where they come from.


Fentanyl is a substance that has exploded onto the illegal drug scene in recent years and is quickly making its mark as one of the most dangerous drugs available. While it’s still not as widely known as meth or heroin, Fentanyl is actually even more lethal than these substances.

Sadly, Fentanyl overdoses are becoming more and more common in the US, so law enforcement officials are especially motivated to prevent the trafficking of this drug. Fentanyl is typically produced in Mexico or China and smuggled across the border. In some cases, it’s even delivered to the U.S. by mail from China.


After initially peaking in popularity during the 1980s, cocaine has experienced a resurgence in recent years. With its reputation as a “party drug”, many people feel more casual about trying cocaine than they do other illegal substances. However, cocaine is frequently cut with deadly substances including Fentanyl and often leads to fatal overdoses.

Cocaine is a derivative of the poppy plant and is primarily produced in Colombia. It often makes its way from there to Mexico and is among the most commonly smuggled drugs across the Southern border into Texas.


Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as meth, is known for destroying its users’ skin and teeth. The drug is highly toxic to the human body and frequently leads to fatal overdoses. Sadly, it’s also very popular as the DEA seized over 45,000 units of meth in 2016 — and that’s just in the state of Texas.

Meth is another drug that’s often produced in Mexico and smuggled across the border. However, meth labs are also common in the U.S., especially in the Midwest.


For many years, heroin has been considered the largest threat among illegal drugs that are trafficked into the United States. While the rising popularity of Fentanyl has reduced the demand for this substance, it’s still widely used and frequently trafficked across the Mexican border into Texas.

Heroin is an especially dangerous drug because it’s highly addictive and causes its users to become dependent on it. Once you become addicted and start using heroin on a regular basis, the odds of a fatal overdose are very high. That’s why it’s essential to minimize the trafficking of this lethal substance.