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The Lesser Known Benefits of a Concealed Handgun License

The Linder Firm May 17, 2024

Texas has a rich history of individual liberties and boasts a vibrant firearm culture. The state’s laws pertaining to carrying handguns and obtaining gun firearm licenses have evolved over time. In recent years, Texas loosened restrictions on open and concealed carry, and Texans no longer need a license to carry a gun.  

However, it may still be beneficial to take the classes and obtain a license even though you are no longer required to. Often, many of those charged with firearm-related offenses in Texas do not have a license to carry guns, making it more challenging to defend themselves from the charges.  

When you have a gun license, you are viewed as a more law-abiding and responsible citizen in the eyes of law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts. However, if you have been charged with firearm-related crime, you may still be able to fight the charges and avoid a conviction even if you do not have a license.

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Texas Gun Laws in 2024

In Texas, gun laws, like any other laws, are subject to change. As of Sept. 1, 2021, anyone who is at least 21 years of age and is eligible to lawfully possess a handgun no longer needs a license to carry a handgun. According to the Texas State Law Library, Texans between the ages of 18 and 20 may get a gun license if they are protected under certain protective orders.  

The law applies to:  

  • Open carry in a holster; and  

  • Concealed carry where no part of the handgun is visible.  

However, just because the state law no longer makes it mandatory for you to get a license to carry a handgun in most public places does not necessarily mean you do not need one. When researching the laws regarding gun licenses in Texas, you may notice the mention of both a concealed handgun license (CHL) and a license to carry (LTC).

There is no difference between these two licenses, as LTC is a new licensing name of CHL. The state changed the name in January 2016, when the law no longer required those with a valid license to conceal their handguns.  

What Are the Hidden Perks of Getting a Concealed Handgun License (or a License to Carry)?

If you are considering whether or not you, as a Texan, need a concealed handgun license, which is known as a license to carry under the current law, you need to know about the benefits of getting this license. Some of these benefits are not widely discussed by the general public.  

1. Enhanced Personal Protection 

The most obvious benefit of a gun license is the ability to legally carry a concealed firearm for personal protection anywhere you go, even when in another state. Texas has reciprocity agreements with certain other states for firearm licenses. This right is paramount in today’s world, where dangers loom at every corner. However, the lesser-discussed aspect of this benefit is the psychological peace of mind it brings. Knowing you have the means to protect yourself and your loved ones in a dangerous situation can alleviate anxiety and enhance your sense of security in daily life. 

2. More Freedom 

Even though Texas law does not require citizens to obtain a license to carry handguns in most public places, the locations where you might go with your gun may still be restricted. People with a license may be able to take their guns with them to some places where unlicensed individuals can’t. For example, people with a valid license may be authorized to carry concealed handguns on public college and university campuses. Also, some private property owners and businesses may specifically prohibit unlicensed carry, which is why having a license can give you more freedom to have your gun with you.  

3. You Can Deter Crime 

A concealed weapon has a unique, albeit less visible, effect on crime deterrence. Criminals are less likely to target individuals they perceive as potentially armed. The mere thought that an individual may be carrying concealed weapons can make criminals think twice before committing an act of violence or aggression. This benefit extends beyond individual protection, contributing to the safety of your family and community as a whole. 

4. No Background Check Delays 

One of the practical advantages of holding a gun license that is often overlooked is the streamlining of the firearm purchasing process. In many states, presenting a valid license at the point of purchase exempts you from the mandatory background check that typically accompanies the sale of a firearm. This not only saves time but also bypasses the delays that can occur due to system backlogs or other bureaucratic hurdles.  

5. You Become a More Responsible Gun Owner 

Obtaining a gun license involves more than just passing a background check and filling out paperwork. Applicants must complete a firearm training course that covers the legal aspects of carrying a concealed weapon, as well as proper safety and handling procedures. This education process fosters a deeper understanding of the responsibilities of gun ownership. It encourages a more disciplined approach to carrying and using firearms, reinforcing habits that ensure the safety of the gun owner and those around them.  

6. You Become More ‘Defendable’ When Facing Firearm-Related Charges 

If you end up facing firearm-related charges and have no gun license, it becomes more difficult to mount a strong defense than if you had a license. Having a valid license shows that you are a more law-abiding and responsible gun owner and that you take your safety seriously. This can be especially helpful when trying to argue “self-defense.”  

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