Texas Man in Custody on Triple Murder Charges

A man is facing multiple charges in connection with an alleged triple murder that took place in Bardwell. The 27-year-old is currently being held in an Ellis County detention center on a bail of $1 million, according to an Ellis County Sheriff’s spokesperson.

Late on the night of Nov. 16, deputies were called to a residence in Bardwell, where they found two deceased individuals, a man and a woman. Deputies also found another man in a hallway. The second man was transported to a hospital in Dallas, where he later died.

According to authorities, witnesses to the incident gave a description of the man’s vehicle to police. The vehicle was spotted by DPS troopers on Nov. 17, and they, along with Ellis County Sheriff’s deputies, chased the driver into the town of Italy. A short time later, authorities took the man into custody.

Murder charges are among the most serious that a person can face. If convicted, a person may face a lifetime prison sentence or even the death penalty. A criminal defense attorney may become a powerful ally for someone facing such serious criminal charges. Through independent investigation, an attorney might be able to find additional evidence that may exonerate a defendant. The attorney may also be able to challenge the state’s evidence and have it excluded from the trial.

The attorney may work to ensure that the rights of a defendant are protected throughout the trial process. Lastly, the attorney may seek leniency from the judge and prosecution and might offer in exchange information from the defendant or a guilty plea. The decision whether to accept any plea agreement belongs to the defendant. Some defendants agree to a plea deal in order to avoid the risk of a maximum sentence at trial.

Source: My FOX DFW, “Man arrested in Bardwell triple murder“, Jenny Anchondo, November 17, 2013

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