Texas Brothers Convicted in Drug-Trafficking Case

A Dallas jury recently convicted a pair of Fort Wayne brothers in connection with an illicit operation dealing with synthetic drugs. The brothers, ages 43 and 28, had been indicted in July after a DEA investigation, reportedly.

The brothers involved in the drug trafficking case were convicted on counts of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, conspiracy to commit fraud by mail and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. The 43-year-old man was also convicted on a firearm charge and on a count of the use of a communication facility for drug crimes. The man reportedly sold aroma therapy products, incense, potpourri, and similar materials, claiming that they were not intended for human consumption. These products were sold to companies in multiple other states, according to officials. The 28-year-old man served as an officer of the company under which these materials were marketed and sold.

According to government evidence, the individuals involved in the operation conspired to introduce a misbranded drug into commerce across state lines with the intention of misleading or defrauding. Synthetic cannabinoids, defined by the FDA as drugs, were components of the materials being distributed, purportedly. While these cannabinoids were combined with a plant material to produce the popular designer drug known as ‘spice,” they were distributed with labeling that indicated the products were not intended for human consumption. However, the government argued that human consumption was in fact the intended use of the product.

Individuals involved in a case that includes multiple defendants may be best served by retaining their own individual criminal defense attorney, who may prioritize the specific charges brought against them individually. In a case involving substantial evidence, the lawyer may possess the opportunity to forge a plea deal with prosecutors, whereby the accused individual may receive reduced charges in exchange for entering a guilty plea.

Source: WANE, “Fort Wayne brothers convicted of designer drug trafficking“, October 28, 2014

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