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The Linder Firm July 23, 2021

While drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines are known throughout the country, new synthetic drugs are being created at an alarming rate, and they pose just as much of a threat to the people and communities of Texas. Discover some of the lesser-known synthetic drugs that are being used and traded in Texas, and why they’re so dangerous. 

What Are Synthetic Drugs?

Some drugs, such as marijuana and drugs derived from opium are manufactured from plants, so they’re considered natural. Synthetic drugs on the other hand, are man made, and may involve many types of chemicals and processes to manufacture. 

The fact that they’re synthetic isn’t what makes them harmful, because many safe medications are also synthetic. However, many synthetic drugs are created to provide the highest level of potency and addiction possible, and many of them pose as much of a threat as their natural counterparts. 

New Drugs that Have Recently Made News in Texas

Just because drugs like ecstasy and heroin are more familiar, doesn’t mean they’re the only drugs that the citizens of Texas need to worry about. There are also a wide range of drugs that have been created in recent years, and their effects are addictive and dangerous as well. Learn more about these new drugs and call the police if you know of anyone who uses them. 


Also called gravel or the zombie drug, flakka resembles a white, brown, or pink crystal, and is gaining popularity throughout Texas. Users of the drug often experience intense hallucinations, an effect that draws comparisons to bath salts. Extremely cheap, flakka has a street value of around $3-5 per dose

Although users have died from using flakka, the drug hasn’t been banned in every state yet. This is despite the fact that users have died of heart attacks and suicide while on the drug. Of its many harmful effects, the damage it causes to the kidneys is arguably the most severe. Hardcore users of flakka may have to be on dialysis for the rest of their lives. 

Flakka and related paraphernalia


K2 is a dangerous drug that’s made by spraying marijuana with a synthetic chemical derived from cannabinoids. Since this chemical varies greatly, the effects do as well, and can cause users to have seizures, stand around like zombies, or drop to the ground unexpectedly. 

Popular in the prisons of Texas, K2 also caused problems in Austin in the Spring of 2018 when 700 calls came in reporting users getting sick off using the substance. Although it’s banned in Texas, K2 doesn’t show up in urine tests, a fact that makes it hard to contain and control.

K2 is marijuana sprayed with a synthetic chemical compound.

Bath Salts

Synthetic cathinones, or bath salts as they’re often called, is a powerful and dangerous drug that’s been seen throughout Texas. Although synthetic, the main ingredient in bath salts derives from the Khat plant, a shrub that grows throughout East Africa. It’s also important to know that bath salts is the nickname for the drug only, and it bears no similarity to real bath salts, such as Epsom Salt. Some of the common street names it’s known by include: 

  • White Lightning

  • Vanilla Sky

  • Cloud Nine

  • Bliss

Bath salts are not only deadly but are proven to be addictive as well. Plus, the drug is extremely versatile for users and can be snorted, stuffed in capsules, smoked, or injected. The most dangerous ways to use bath salts are injection and snorting it, as those methods are most likely to lead to death. 

Bath salts can be deadly, especially when snorted or injected.

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