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The Linder Firm April 27, 2022

Being charged with a crime is always frightening, especially when you think that you are guilty. Some people mistakenly believe that entering a guilty plea can make their life easier because they will not have to hire an attorney or prove anything to anyone.

However, admitting your guilt is unlikely to make your life easier, even if you do not think that it will be possible to prove your innocence. Hiring an attorney gives you a chance at obtaining the best possible outcome in your criminal case. As a criminal defense attorney who proudly serves clients in Dallas, Texas, and throughout North Texas, Attorney Phillip Linder at The Linder Firm can review your case and explore your defense options. 

Possible Consequences of a Guilty Plea

Entering a guilty plea can have life-altering consequences. That is why it is critical to explore all of your options with the help of an experienced attorney before admitting guilt. Your attorney will advise you on your options to pursue a favorable course of action in order to avoid or mitigate the following consequences:

  • Time in jail/prison. Serious crimes carry the potential for jail or prison time.   

  • Fines. Most crimes carry fines that have to be paid by the defendant as punishment.

  • Suspension or revocation of a driver’s license. Your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked automatically if you are convicted of certain crimes.

  • Probation. While probation is one of the least restrictive penalties for a crime, it is one of the most frequent sentences handed down by judges.

  • Employment consequences. The loss of a job and the inability to apply to certain positions is one of the collateral consequences of having a criminal conviction on your record.

  • Loss of a professional license. A conviction for specific crimes can result in a permanent loss of professional licenses.

  • Loss of a right to carry a firearm. Certain criminal convictions can affect your right to possess and carry a firearm.

  • Deportation. Having a criminal conviction can result in immigration-related consequences, including deportation or denial of citizenship.

  • Damage to reputation. Last but not least, a conviction can damage your reputation and carry a social stigma for the rest of your life.

If you plead not guilty, your case will go to trial, and the prosecution will have the burden to prove that you are guilty. If you hire an attorney, you can prepare a strong defense strategy to avoid or mitigate the serious and long-lasting consequences of a conviction.   

Reasons to Hire an Attorney
Even if You Think You’re Guilty

There are many benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney, even if you think that you cannot beat the charges and win your case. Even if you think you are guilty, you must consider the following reasons why you should hire an attorney to help you navigate the criminal justice process and explore your defense options:

  1. An attorney will inform you of your legal options. Your attorney will analyze your specific case to advise you on the best course of your action and inform you of your defense options.

  2. An attorney will fight for the dismissal or reduction of the charges. Even if it seems that your situation is hopeless, there may still be a way to fight the charges. An attorney can help you fight for the dismissal or reduction of the charges, even when you think you are guilty.

  3. An attorney will give you an evaluation of possible outcomes. Each case is unique, which is why you need an attorney to review the facts of your case and give you an evaluation of all the possible outcomes of your case.

  4. An attorney will help you negotiate a favorable plea deal. Even if your attorney tells you that entering a guilty plea would be your best course of action, the attorney can help you negotiate a more favorable deal.

When you are accused of a crime, the first step you should take is to consult with an attorney, even if you think you are guilty. In fact, a consultation with an attorney will not cost you anything. At The Linder Firm, the criminal defense attorney provides free consultations to clients facing criminal charges in Dallas, Texas, and throughout the Dallas Metro area.

Communicating with
Your Defense Attorney

The way you communicate with your criminal defense attorney can affect the outcome of your case. Clear communication with your defense attorney is a fundamental part of a successful case. Your attorney needs to have a detailed knowledge of the facts in your case in order to build a strong defense strategy and achieve the most favorable outcome possible, even if you think you are guilty.

Follow these tips when communicating with your criminal defense attorney to ensure that you and your legal counsel are on the same page:

  • Write down your personal account of the events before speaking with an attorney

  • Provide as many details as possible

  • Keep your emotions under control

  • Answer all questions truthfully

  • Do not hold back when telling your attorney about your case – your attorney is not here to judge you

Hiring an attorney does not make you look guilty. On the contrary, it shows the prosecution that you are prepared to fight against the charges. With an attorney on your side, you could challenge the prosecutor’s evidence against you and fight for your rights at every stage of the criminal justice process.    

How The Linder Firm Can Help

Seek legal counsel as soon as possible if you have been charged with a crime, even if you think that you are guilty. A skilled criminal defense attorney at The Linder Firm will explain the charges against you and advise you on your legal options. The law firm serves clients in Dallas, Texas, and other parties of North Texas. Consulting with an attorney does not necessarily oblige you to hire the attorney. Get a case review today to learn more.