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The Linder Firm Oct. 6, 2017

If you’re going to get caught with drugs, don’t do it in Texas. The largest of the 48 mainland states, Texas has arguably the strictest drug laws in the United States. You might think that their tight stance on drug laws would curtail the drug trade in Texas, but nothing could be further from the truth. Texas remains a trading ground for cocaine, heroin, and other drugs smuggled in from Mexico. Furthermore, Texas is a distribution channel for drugs, the last stop before they’re distributed throughout the rest of the country.

Why is Texas So Strict on Drugs?

While many states are loosening their drug policies, Texas remains stricter than ever. The reason for this is two-fold. First, Texas is known as one of the most conservative states in the country. Conservative policies typically lean more toward gun rights and away from policies like medical marijuana, for example.

A Location that is Prime for Mexican Drug Smugglers

The second key reason for Texas’s tough drug laws is its geographic location. As a large state that shares a lot of border with Mexico, Texas is one of the biggest hubs in the country for drug smuggling. The large border area combined with numerous rural locations makes Texas one of the most difficult areas to enforce drug crimes. There is little doubt that these factors are the core reasons for Texas’s unrelenting stance on drug laws.

Different States, Different Priorities

For much of the country, immigration and border security are distant issues that don’t affect their daily lives. However, states that reside on the border are consistently battling the effects of drug smugglers and the crimes they commit in the United States. Other states may see these immigration concerns as overreactions, but since Texas shares over 1000 miles of border with Mexico, immigration is a huge issue for Texans.

Remarkable Facts Regarding the Drug Laws of Texas

Texas is a unique and interesting state for many reasons. Known for its distinct culture, loose gun laws, and wild west attitude, Texas is unlike any of our other states. Unfortunately, Texas also is a primary location for Mexican drug cartels. Certain areas of Texas are recognized as major problem areas for their massive amount of drug crimes, violent crimes, and drug arrests. Peruse these eye-opening facts about the drug laws of Texas:

Texas is One of Few States that Requires Drug Tests for Unemployment and Welfare

One example of how Texas is particularly harsh against drug users is seen in their decision to require drug tests in controversial situations. In Texas, you can only qualify for unemployment benefits after passing a drug test. The same is true for those who request government welfare. Many states have chosen to lighten up on their drug laws, but Texas remains strict, even on those who need unemployment or welfare benefits.

2 of the top 5 US Districts with the Most Drug Offenders are in Texas

According to research done by The Recovery Village a few years ago in 2013, two of the top five districts with the most drug arrests were in Texas. While Puerto Rico, Arizona, and Southern California rounded out the top five, the Western District of Texas and Southern District of Texas are both listed as having the most drug-related arrests in the country. The state’s proximity to Mexico is largely to blame for the severe influx of drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin.

The Location of Texas Makes it a Haven for Drug Smugglers

Texas and Mexico share a massive 1,254 miles of common border. Due to this massive geographical connection to Mexico, it’s under constant threat from drug smugglers trying to bring their drugs into America. The following are all avenues of entry for those entering Texas via Mexico:

  • 28 International Bridges and Border Crossings

  • 2 Dams

  • 1 Hand-drawn Ferry Boat

  • 25 other crossings that allow vehicles and pedestrians

As you can see, state and federal law enforcement officials and border agents have their hands full monitoring the 28 entry points into Texas through Mexico.

Of the 8 Most Dangerous Border Towns, 4 of them Are in Texas

An article in explained the eight most dangerous border towns in America. Of the eight, half of them were in Texas. These included the following Texas cities:

  1. El Paso

  2. Brownsville

  3. Laredo

  4. McAllen

The reasons these cities were chosen range from excessive Mexican gang activity to full-scale gun battles that occurred near the border. This list shows that border security is a major issue for Texans.

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