Odessa Man Facing Felony Cocaine Charges

Odessa police officers reported that a 34-year-old Odessa man was arrested on Nov. 5 for offenses related to cocaine possession. Officers say that they pulled the man’s Ford F-350 over after noticing his license plates were expired.

Upon pulling the man over, police allege they noticed the man had a white powder dusting his shoulder. Upon questioning the man, he reportedly denied having any cocaine in his truck. Police subsequently searched the vehicle. Officers report they found some white rocks littered throughout the vehicle. They reported the rocks field-tested positive for cocaine.

Police say that they found evidence that the man was attempting to get rid of the cocaine. Police report they recovered around 3.9 grams of the drug as a result of their vehicle search. Officers arrested the man, and he was placed in custody at the Ector County Detention Center. The man was later posted $50,000 in bond, and he was released from custody pending resolution of his charges. In addition to possession of cocaine, he also stands accused of tampering with evidence.

When people are facing charges in drug cases, they have certain constitutional rights. One right is the right to an attorney. Accused people also have a right to remain silent and not to incriminate themselves. When facing felony charges, it is important to mount a strong criminal defense to the charges as a conviction can result in imprisonment. Additionally, people who have felony drug convictions on their records often find that long after their sentences are done, they will continue to have problems with finding employment. A criminal defense attorney can help people by arguing for their acquittal or negotiating their charges down to lesser offenses.

Source: OA online, “Man facing felony drug charges“, November 06, 2014

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