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The Linder Firm July 23, 2021

Few drugs wreak as much havoc on people and communities as methamphetamine. While a major epidemic occurred about ten years ago, there are signs that meth is regaining popularity in Texas. Discover more about the effects of this drug, read some disturbing statistics, and learn how meth devastates the communities of Texas.

A Brief History of Methamphetamine

Although meth has become one of the worst and most widely abused drugs in the world, it has its roots as an energy booster for soldiers in World War II. Invented in 1893, meth was used by soldiers until it became popular for recreational use in the 1990s. Due to the fact that it’s synthesized in meth labs by normal citizens, the epidemic spreads fast and leaves a trail of addiction and crime in its wake.

Understanding the Popularity of Methamphetamine

To most people, meth is best known for the way it distorts the appearance of its users, leading to the widely recognized sunken cheeks and wrecked teeth look. Its popularity was also enhanced when it was featured heavily on one of the most popular shows of all time, Breaking Bad. Combined with the fact that it’s extremely addictive, meth is one of the most harmful illegal drugs that’s found throughout Texas.

Alarming Statistics About Methamphetamines

These statistics shed light on the problem of meth abuse in Texas:

  • Among high school students in Texas, 8% have tried meth at least once.

  • Of all Texans, 0.7% have used meth in the last year.

  • Deaths from meth reached 6,000 in 2015, which is a 255% increase from 2005.

  • In 2016, the DEA seized 45,000 items of meth in Texas vs only 6,000 of heroin.

  • Among emergency room visits in Houston, 3% involved methamphetamines.

    • Of that 3 %, 67% were male, 73% white, and between the ages of 25-34

Community Problems Resulting from Meth Abuse

While meth devastates individuals and families, it also affects the communities and towns of Texas. Here are some of the ways that meth takes a toll on our communities:

Spreading Disease and STDs

For the first time in over a decade, the rate of STDs, including the HIV virus is increasing in Texas. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ community and meth use go hand in hand, and the rate of homosexual men who abuse meth has increased from nine to 45% over the last five years, resulting in the spread of STDs.

Costing Money for Taxpayers

The increase in arrests, recovery efforts, and other factors means a higher price for the taxpayers of Texas. Very few meth users have the money to pay for insurance, medical bills, or rehab, and so those expenses fall on others to pay.

Increases in Crime

Aside from the actual production of methamphetamine, it creates new addicts on a regular basis, and these addicts will typically do anything to support their habit. This often includes robbery, murder, scams, and other crimes that help earn money to purchase more meth.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Community

By reporting any suspicious people, actions, or places to your local police department, you can do your part to ensure that the meth problem doesn’t thrive in your neighborhood. While it’s never wise to confront criminals yourself, police are well-equipped to deal with addicts, dealers of meth, and other illegal substances found throughout Texas.

Arrested for a Drug Crime? Call Phillip A. Linder

If you’ve been arrested for possession, trafficking, or manufacturing of methamphetamine, you have the right to a fair trial. Other rights are available to you as well, and hiring an experienced drug attorney like Phillip A. Linder can ensure that they’re protected. Phillip A. Linder has over 25 years of experience arguing in the courts of Texas, and he can give you your best possible chance at a favorable outcome. Contact our law offices today for a free consultation.