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The Linder Firm Feb. 9, 2017

Going through a divorce is hard. One day, you’re living with your wife and children. The next, you’re looking for a new place and paying child support. You can old see your kids on the weekends, and they’re living in the house that used to be your home. It can be frustrating, even devastating to go through. However, it’s important to remember that the initial arrangements can very well change during the final divorce hearings.

If you want to ensure things are fair, including your child support, you should retain the services of an experienced family law attorney to help you during the divorce.

You Need to Pay Your Ordered Support in Full

Temporary support orders issued during divorce proceedings often only include information provided by your former spouse. That can result in inaccuracies, including a requirement for more payment than is reasonable. If you believe your ordered support is too high, you should speak with your attorney. An attorney can request a hearing to seek adjustments to your support.

In the meantime, you should pay your support in full and on time. Doing so protects you from potential legal repercussions and helps make you look like a responsible parent who puts their children’s needs first.

At the hearing, your attorney can present evidence to the courts about additional payments you make or perhaps medical expenses that impact your finances. Your best chance of having a favorable outcome is working with an experienced family law and divorce attorney.

Even if You’re Missing Visitation, You Need to Pay Your Support

Many parents mistakenly believe that not receiving their full visitation, they won’t have to pay in full. Whether the visitation issues stems from their own attendance or because their former spouse is cutting their times short or canceling them altogether, the obligation to pay child support still exists. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a father who is being denied critical time with his children due to a divorce.

If your former spouse is withholding your visitation or shared custody time, you should speak with your attorney, who can attempt to negotiate with your former spouse or her attorney. If that doesn’t work, your attorney can help you accurately document how the visitation or custody order is being violated to help you custody case later in the divorce.

An Attorney Can Help You with Child Support Issues

Whether you believe your support amount should be adjusted or you want parenting time enforced, an experienced divorce and family law attorney can help. You should not try to go through the divorce proceedings in Texas without representation. If you want a positive outcome, you need to speak with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible.