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The Linder Firm July 23, 2021

Remember your right to remain silent. If you are questioned in a criminal matter, you should exercise that right. Even if you are told the interview is informal. Even if you are told that you are not a target. Even if you are told that law enforcement is on your side. Law enforcement will use tactics like these to get you to talk. They will try to make you believe that it is not a big deal, just a few questions. If you are talking to law enforcement, it is always a big deal.

Get a Lawyer on Your Side Immediately

Be aware that you can and should have a lawyer by your side if you are being questioned or investigated. Do not wait until you are charged with a crime. White collar crime, drug crime and other criminal cases are often won or lost even before charges are filed.

You can sit by and wait while law enforcement builds a case against you, or you can take action now to protect your rights and defend yourself. On the most basic level, it simply makes sense to enlist an attorney to begin building your criminal defense case now to ensure that you are on equal footing with the prosecution. However, early intervention by an experienced attorney can do much more than level the playing field.

Prevent Criminal Charges from Being Filed Against You

At the law office of Phillip A. Linder in Dallas-Fort Worth, we approach early intervention with the mindset that we do not merely want to fight criminal charges; we want to prevent charges from being filed in the first place. By working carefully to demonstrate your innocence, we may be able to show law enforcement and prosecutors why charges should not be filed.

If we are not able to prevent charges from being filed, we may be able to obtain reduced charges. We may be able to get a crime that would have been charged as a felony to be charged as a misdemeanor. We may be able keep the case out of federal court. Ultimately, the sooner we can intervene in the process, the more options we may have to help you.

Free Consultations About Criminal Investigations

Even if you only suspect that you are being investigated, you should talk to a lawyer. Get in touch with us today.