DISD Students Facing Criminal Charges Can Face Uncertain Futures

Police for the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) have had their hands full in the past couple weeks. After a widespread ring of fighting led to a dozen arrests at North Dallas High School, police are dealing with a sexting scandal involving football players at Madison High School.

The fighting incidents at North Dallas High were allegedly continuous incidents of gang fights. According to a WFAA.com report, the fights were nearly routine, and regularly took place on campus and in an alley near the school. Students and administration officials had become considerably concerned given that the fights would take place throughout the day and had become dangerous distractions.

After parents complained, police executed 14 warrants and arrested 12 students. 

As for the football players at Madison High, police arrested two male students as well as a female student. Authorities arrested all three who were accused of having sex in the school auditorium and posting the acts online. They have been charged with public lewdness.

While these actions may not seem like crimes to students, arrests (and subsequent criminal convictions) can have lifelong consequences. Students may not realize that being convicted of a violent crime (such as rioting or assault) could make them ineligible for certain jobs in the future. Likewise, young people convicted of sex crimes could be compelled to register as sex offenders.

When the stakes are this high, consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney is critical. A seasoned lawyer can provide a clear, no-nonsense assessment of the case and help explain an accused’s rights and options.

Source: WFAA.com, 3 DISD students arrested after a video of sex at school posted online, October 12, 2013

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