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The Linder Firm April 15, 2017

Drug crimes are nothing to trifle with, especially in Texas. If you’ve been arrested, your next moves can determine the severity of your sentence, and perhaps, whether you will endure penalties at all. Many factors can determine how a drug charge plays out, and an experienced lawyer like Phillip Linder will be able to guide you through these important details. With the right decisions, the right lawyer, and a bit of luck, you can minimize the penalties you face when arrested for a drug crime.

Expect the Time After an Arrest to Be Stressful

No matter the circumstances, getting arrested throws a serious wrench into every part of your life. It’s important to realize that after an arrest, it’s likely you’ll be in a heightened state of stress. This is why it’s crucial to keep calm and make logical decisions during this timeframe. Reacting based on your anger, depression, or desire to explain yourself can make the situation a lot worse. Instead, follow these steps and remember that high-quality help is available:

1. Remain Silent

When you’ve been arrested, it’s common to have a strong desire to explain yourself. Furthermore, everyone who knows about the arrest will have questions, and it can be tempting to get your side of the story out there. Showing up at the police station to explain yourself is an even worse idea that can land you in extra trouble. Instead, stay silent and speak about the details only to your chosen attorney. Understand that the only venue where you can win your freedom at that point is in the courts of Texas.

2. Stay Clean

You’ve been busted for drugs, and are entering a time with a lot of challenges. Depending on whether it was a lone incident or you’re a longtime addict, you may have a strong desire to continue using. However, if there was ever a time in your life when it’s important to stay clean, this is it. Staying clean during this crucial time period will help in a number of ways, and will make things easier for your lawyer.

3. Don’t React Emotionally

Trust us, we get it. Your arrest has caused a lot of chaos in your life, and anger, fear, and confusion are likely to follow. While it may be difficult to remain calm when dealing with these emotions, that’s exactly the right way to handle them. Giving in to the temptation to act out in rage or desperation can turn a charge of limited severity into one that can land you in prison for decades.

4. Use the Time to Review Your Case

If you’ve been arrested, your free time is best spent reviewing the details that can help your case. Anything you can remember about how the officer treated you, what exactly was said, and what actually transpired should be written down. Remember that even though you were a participant in the crime, you’re a witness as well, so your observances are particularly important to solving the case. Consider keeping a notebook that details all the events and details you remember.

Answer These Questions to Speed up The Process

Whether you hire Phillip Linder or an attorney from a different part of the country, there are questions you can answer to make the process easier for them. Here are a few questions that will expedite the process for your attorney:

  • Is there a warrant for your arrest?

  • Do you currently have a court date?

  • Where did your charge occur?

5. Retain an Experienced Attorney

The most important choice you’ll make after getting arrested is which attorney to hire. This decision can make a drastic difference regarding whether you get off with a light sentence or have the maximum penalty bestowed on you. When choosing a lawyer, each of these factors are worth considering:

  • How well do they understand the state and federal laws?

  • Which defensive strategies are typically effective?

  • Have they handled other drug cases?

  • What is their law specialty?

  • Do they have experience specifically in the courts of Texas?

Choose an Attorney that Has All of these Traits

Phillip Linder is a drug laws attorney with over 25 years of experience arguing cases in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He spent 4 years arguing as a prosecutor before becoming a defense lawyer, and few other lawyers can claim such well-rounded experience. Experience in the local area matters when it comes to lawyers, so choose one with decades of experience arguing in the courts of Texas.

6. Plan to Attend Your First Court Hearing

Once you have a high-quality lawyer on your side, the next official step towards handling your drug charge is to make it to your first court appearance. While this initial court appearance is most likely a quick one, missing it can result in a warrant for your arrest. For this reason, it’s best to mark the date, arrange a ride, and ensure you arrive fully prepared for your first court appearance.

You Need an Expert Drug Attorney – You Need Phillip Linder

When busted for a drug crime, every decision counts. Your world may seem like it’s spinning out of control, but by staying calm and making smart moves, you can help your case significantly. Choose a drug crime attorney that has the experience to make a difference. Phillip Linder has successfully argued over 200 cases in Texas courts. Put him on your team and ensure the best result possible for your case.