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The Linder Firm Jan. 9, 2018

Until the average person is put in the position of needing an attorney, there is often a lot of confusion over what they do. While most people know that lawyers argue in court, not many can name the numerous other services they provide for their clients. Attorney Phillip Linder is dedicated to providing you with top-notch service from the first consultation through the end of your trial.  

What Does Your Attorney Do Before the Court Date?

While some assume that just having an attorney for their court date is sufficient, there are a lot of advantages to retaining an attorney for the pre-trial phase as well. Ranging from reducing the amount of your bail to having your case thrown out on a technicality, these services make it worthwhile for most defendants to hire an attorney prior to their trial.

1. Instructing a Client During Questioning

If you’ve yet to be charged with a crime, a lawyer can provide excellent guidance to ensure that you don’t divulge any incriminating information that can be used against you. Police are experts at asking the right questions to get you to reveal the facts they need, but with a defense attorney on your side, you can respond without hurting your chances of a successful trial.

2. Fighting to Have The Charges Dropped

Defense attorneys are experts on the requirements that have to be met before you can legally be arrested. If you’re retaining a defense attorney before your trial, they can investigate whether the proper procedure was followed at the time of your arrest. That information may reveal a lack of probable cause or insufficient evidence which can result in having your charges dropped.

3. Reducing or Removing  Bail

When you get arrested, you may have to report directly to jail. To avoid remaining in jail for this period of weeks or months before your trial, the judge imposes a bail requirement. On your own, your only options are to pay the bail or sit in jail. However, if you’ve retained a defense attorney, then they may be able to argue on your behalf to decrease or even remove your bail payment entirely.

4. Argue for Plea Bargains

Before a trial begins, defendants have the option of approaching prosecutors with a plea bargain. A plea bargain is an attempt to negotiate for a lighter sentence or less severe charge. Defense attorneys are deeply familiar with the subtle differences between laws and with the language that a judge is more likely to respond to. As you might imagine, your chances of negotiating a successful plea bargain are much better with an attorney by your side.

Choose Phillip A. Linder for Legal Representation in Dallas

It’s important that your attorney knows the laws of their area, and Phillip A. Linder has over 25 years of experience arguing in the courts of Dallas, Tx. Few attorneys have worked on both sides of the law, but with four years as a prosecutor before committing to being a defense attorney, Phillip Linder has a thorough understanding of the legal process. Need an attorney in Dallas? Call Phillip Linder for the representation you deserve.