Asset Valuation Attorney in Dallas, Texas

During a divorce, assets, and debts that are considered community property are divided equally between spouses. High-value, hidden or complex assets can add additional difficulties to not only the division of property but the identification and valuation processes.

Given the potential complexities in the asset division process, it is important to have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side, protecting your best interests. With The Linder Firm, you can trust that your case is in good hands. Our legal staff has handled numerous property division cases, including those with sophisticated assets such as businesses, stock options, and retirement accounts. We will thoroughly review your and your spouse’s property to identify your marital assets, assess their values, and divide them equally.

Thorough And Meticulous Property Valuation And Division

In any divorce, one spouse may have assets that are hidden from the other spouse. This can be in many forms, including separate bank accounts, business assets, or inherited property. Some of these hidden assets can be classified as separate property, but they still need to be identified and documented as part of the property division process.

Dallas divorce asset valuation attorney Phillip Linder has extensive legal experience as well as a background in finance and accounting. He is able to assist with even the most complex matters pertaining to complex and sophisticated property division.

Working with our legal team, forensic accountants, and financial planners, Mr. Linder will identify and determine the accurate value of all community and separate property, and use that information to divide assets fairly and in the most favorable way possible. If there is any suspicion of hidden assets, a provision can be added to your divorce decree to obtain rights to this property, should it surface after the finalization of the divorce.

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