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When a divorce is finalized, the orders that are established by the court reflect the circumstances that existed at that time. If circumstances change over time, however, it may be appropriate for the orders to be modified. Obtaining a modification can be quite complex, and a compelling argument needs to be made in order for one to be approved by the court.

If you feel that there may be cause to seek a change to your original divorce decree, it is important that you seek the advice of a skilled Texas lawyer who understands your rights and has the ability to protect them. At The Linder Firm, we represent clients on all sides of complex modification matters.

What Can Be Modified Following A Texas Divorce?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be possible to seek a modification in the following areas:

  • Child support: If there has been a substantial change in income for the parent paying child support — an increase or a decrease — either parent can ask to have the level of child support modified accordingly. As your Dallas child support modification attorney, Mr. Linder works diligently to resolve the matter in a way that is most beneficial for you.

  • Child custody: Changes in work schedule, parent relocation, and other causes can all create the need for a custody modification. Attorney Linder will conduct a thorough review of your case, listen to your concerns, and pursue an outcome that protects your parental rights.

  • Alimony or spousal maintenance: It may be possible to modify alimony if there has been a substantial change in circumstances for either spouse. There are a number of criteria that may be reviewed in the process of considering a request for this type of modification. We will build the most compelling possible case in support of your position.

Contact The Linder Firm | McKinney Lawyer For Changes To Custody Agreements

Contact one of our offices to schedule an initial consultation about your post-divorce agreement modification questions. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment at other times. You can reach us by phone in Dallas or in Allen. You can also reach us via email.